RESIST Q&A // My kid is overwhelmed with fear + anxiety


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Today we hear from a parent whos kid has begun struggling with middle of the night wakeups, then bedtime transitioning, and now daytime apart from parents. We explore ways to lean into his big feelings and resist the urge to fix, minimize, explain away, judge or stop his fears -- but rather to listen, validatek acknowledge, relate to and slowly innovate through a two-way conversation what may be contributing to his discomfort. When we can help our kids attune to themselves, we are breaking cycles of cultural conditioning that don’t serve our child, our family or our world. We laugh, we cry, we lean in… join us!
Today’s episode shoutout is the First Name Basis podcast, hosted by Jasmine Bradshaw. Each week, Jasmine provides tools and practical strategies for parents that have helped us better talk to kids about race, religion and culture. Spanning topics like privilege, inclusion and cultural appropriation to historical deep-dives like the untold story of Rosa Parks, Juneteenth or the history of the star-spangled banner, First Name Basis is an incredible resource we are grateful to learn from. We encourage you to broaden your podcast feed to include this inspiring series and support Jasmine on her Patreon community page. Find the First Name Basis Podcast here and Jasmine Bradshaw at on instagram @firstname.basis.
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