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#KSNATION, IT IS TIME FOR THE #KSRADIOSHOW!!! My Guests Are National Recording Artist, Collision Records, Dre Murray(Oklahoma) & Threat(Georgia). 2 mighty men of God and they love the Lord and has been building God's kingdom without a hesitation! Follow them on social media ASAP!!! I'm truly thankful for these 2 #ExclusiveInterviews and I can't wait to hear their testimonies and play their music! I will ask both artists questions about their goals, future collabs and maybe a quick freestyle plus much much more so please tune into the #ksradioshow on Friday November 15, 2019 at 8pm EST! Make sure you check out www.dremurray.com to donate to his vision and stay up-to-date on everything he is doing! Here's Threat's New music video, https://youtu.be/zToeGEAHvJI (Make sure you subscribe after watching the video). I will also play music by @omgitswande, @Brodiedavinci, Chasity Latrice, PhillyTF, and more Please don't forget to follow me on Twitter & Instagram @ksradioshow and like my facebook page(www.facebook.com/ksradioshow1) Submit music to eliseotorrez1989@yahoo.com for consideration. If you're in need of counseling and live in Cincinnati, visit www.rosalindsmithcounseling.com Want some new merch? www.goodcoapparel.com www.godisdope.com www.overcomerapparel.org

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