#48: Top 5 Reasons to Get Your VA Disability Increase Submitted ASAP (NEW TIPS!)


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✔️Join VA Claims Insider Elite TODAY to get the VA Disability Increase you deserve by law, and have licensed medical professionals get started on your VA disability claim for FREE: http://www.vaclaimsinsiderelite.com Veterans, in this Video, "Top 5 Reasons to Get YOUR VA Disability Increase Claims Submitted ASAP" I will outline why NOW is the time to INCREASE YOUR VA DISABILITY RATING!

👇🏻Timestamps & Links👇🏻 ⏩6:17 Top 5 Reasons to Get Your VA Disability Increase Claims Submitted ASAP ⏩6:32 Top Reason WHY VA Claims Get Denied ⏩9:42 Veterans You DESERVE Your VA Disability ⏩16:25 Most Veterans are Underrated by the VA ⏩16:57 VA Disability Helps Veterans financially and medically ⏩19:03 VA claims are getting approved faster than ever before ⏩25:20 How Veterans prove Service Connection ⏩28:50 The VA is still OPEN despite Coronavirus Pandemic ⏩31:27 Telehealth Compensation & Pension Exams ⏩39:07 Lay Evidence for VA Disability ⏩45:17 VA Telemedicine for Mental Health ⏩45:45 Getting 100% Permanent and Total VA Disability Removed ⏩46:26 Somatic Symptom Disorder VA Claim Denial ⏩49:32 Telehealth VA C&P Exams ⏩51:53 VA Disability for Gulf War Syndrome ⏩54:32 Submitting Multiple VA Claims at once

As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, more and more states are going into lockdown, businesses are laying off their workforces and shutting their doors, and people are suddenly unable to pay their bills. But, COVID-19 has NOT impacted your VA disability benefits at all. In fact, the VA is working harder than ever to process your VA claims during the Coronavirus Pandemic! Now, is the time to submit your VA Disability Increase Claims! If you are wondering how to increase your VA rating, then you need to be thinking about medical evidence and a winning strategy. As you may know, 80% of Veterans are Underrated!

Are you one of those Veterans? I am here to tell you that NOW, MORE THAN EVER, you should be going after the VA Disability Rating and Compensation that you deserve!

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