REPOST: VREP #123 | This Lamb Gives Great Investment Advice with Brad J. Lamb


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Original episode posted: June 14, 2018

Brad J. Lamb is one to watch: he made his first million in real estate before moving out of his parent’s basement and has not slowed down since. Brad subsequently opened his own real estate brokerage, amassed an enormous personal real estate portfolio, starred in HGTV’s “Big City Broker,” founded a development company with holdings across Canada, and, oh, you know, sold 24,000 condos in the GTA! Brad sits down with Matt & Adam for a wide-ranging conversation on how to be successful in the world of real estate. Among many other things, find out where in Canada Brad would buy right now; his best advice for aspiring real estate moguls; and why the residential condo is still the best investment vehicle out there. Not to be missed!

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