VREP #194 | Discipline, Growth & Energetic Investing with Oakwyn Co-Founders Morgan Browne & Michael Uy


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What does it take to claw your way to the top of the hyper competitive world of Vancouver real estate? Turns out a lot more collaboration and a lot less clawing than you might think. Michael Uy & Morgan Browne, co-founders and Partners at Oakwyn Realty, sit down with Adam & Matt to discuss the meteoric rise of Oakwyn Realty and the practices that have led to Oakwyn having a strong comparative advantage in our marketplace. These young entrepreneurs talk taking on the established world of real estate brokerages, creating a culture of success, as well as some catastrophic failures that might have buckled the best of them. And turns out they also know a thing or two about real estate investing. Where would they buy? What is the best long-term hold? And what is the most important real estate metric? Trust us – it is one you have never heard!

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