VREP #211 | COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the Vancouver Real Estate Market with Economist Helmut Pastrick


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The new Coronavirus, which results in COVID-19, is causing major uncertainty in the global economy and has the potential to trigger a large-scale global recession. But should we be ringing alarm bells just yet? And what does this mean for our real estate market in Vancouver? This week, we catch-up with Central 1 Credit Union’s Chief Economist, Helmut Pastrick, to talk best case/worst case scenarios, potential rolling recessions, how markets are responding to media and quarantines, and whether or not you and your money should stay home! At the very least, you should! This is a surprising conversation that will undoubtedly influence your plans for 2020. Listen up! And on a serious note, regardless of your age or vulnerability, please do your part and avoid large crowds and wash your hands. Take care, everyone - VREP

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