VREP #214 | Will Vancouver Real Estate Prices Fall Because of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)? with Moody's Analytics' Economist Brendan LaCerda


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Looking for an outsider’s perspective? Moody’s Analytics is an international company that helps the global financial elite make sound economic decisions. Past guest Brendan LaCerda, Associate Director and Chief Economist, joins Adam & Matt and discusses the rapid spread of COVID-19, the changing data, and projects real-time numbers as to where B.C’s economy is heading. Got a pillow to hug? Maybe grab one of those full-sized maternity pillows and hunker down! How much will Vancouver real estate prices drop during the COVID-19 economic global recession? Where will BC’s unemployment be in 2020 and how will that shape our real estate market? And what does economic recovery look like post-pandemic? Welcome to our new reality. Pro-tip: it will get better.

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