VREP #221 | Why Vancouver Real Estate Prices Will Continue to Go Up with Cameron McNeill


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Everyone has an opinion about where real estate in Vancouver is heading, but what does the guy advising some of the city's largest developers think? This week, Executive Director and Founding Partner of MLA Canada, Cameron McNeill, joins Adam and Matt for a deep-dive on the current state of the market and what's to come. Where were we before the COVID-19 lockdown? Will the presale market rebound? And why does Cameron think it's inevitable that prices in our region will continue to rise? Trust us, he's got some compelling data points! But, wait, there's more: which areas are Cameron and his developer clients excited about? If you are an investor, realtor, or just an all-out real estate nerd, you won't want to miss this info-packed episode. Level-up!

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