VREP #227 | 11 Towers and 6,000 New Homes Near Burrard Bridge with Khelsilem Tl'aḵwasik̓a̱n


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The City of Vancouver is a notoriously difficult place to build homes, with crippling debates occurring at any attempt to add housing. So, it may surprise you to hear that ground is being broken soon for 11 towers - with the tallest being 57 stories! – at the base of the west side of the Burrard Bridge. Wait…in Vancouver? Not exactly. Squamish Nation Councillor and Spokesperson Khelsilem sits down with Adam and Matt to detail the Sen̓áḵw Development, a Squamish Nation/Westbank master planned community that will redefine the Vancouver skyline. Tune in for a fascinating conversation about development & jurisdiction, density & forward-thinking design as well as reconciliation & the rise of a new development company with far reaching goals. Not to be missed!

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