Big Announcement & Quarantine Homework?


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Welcome back for a Quickie folks, We do have some homework for you during this quarantine time. We are asking listeners of the show to check out a gambling documentary called Poker Queens, as we have been in touch with the creator of the Documentary Sandra Mohr, It's Available on amazon & Vimeo for $2.99, This documentary is about the evolution of women in the poker scene, As well as the great story about how Sandra went in disguise as a man to play poker in the worlds series of poker. Throughout this documentary you get to see the good and the rough side of poker and how if your willing to put the time and work in you too can come out on top, Plus we will be interviewing Sandra who is a film maker from Los Angeles and hopefully some of the crew in the upcoming episodes. We also give you audio of this great documentary ENJOY FOLKS CHEERS

Please share folks and let people know about this documentary, As we know gamblers of all sorts will love this documentary.

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