Episode 51; Easter week & Taking the gamble on the Popeye's chicken sandwich


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On this episode the crew chats about being voted in the top 15 gambling podcast according www.blogspot.com, They even talk about the very hype'd Popeye's chicken sandwich and had some great stories to go along with it. Plus the crew brings back the loved "Bucket or Fuck it" game, But this time it's a casino games version, So you get to hear what each host looks forward to playing when they head to the casinos & the ones they don't even bother with. To wrap things up Julian asked a question he had been wanted to ask his co-host for a while "do you believe in dice control & dice sliding"? Included are some interesting stories to go along with it. Enjoy the episode folks as i know your gonna laugh at this one, As i did while editing this episode.

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