Episode 55; Finding a dead body when checking into your hotel room?


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Welcome to another exciting episode of the Vegas Confessions Podcast, Julian chats with bobby (@BobbyGsGambling) who recently moved to Laughlin from Colorado, Bobby shares some great stories about how he got his foot in the door, In the casino bar tending industry, They even chat about chat laughlin and some of the gems it offers & how bobby took advantage of the free junket flights for his benefit to move there lol. Bobby also take his kids to the promise land for their 21st birthdays. So of course finding out what those trips must do's are like for the kids is exciting like where they stay and why? Where do they gamble? Shows? Restaurants Etc... As well as being cautious in the Casino. But Bobby also drops what maybe the best story ever told on the podcast about Checking in to his Hotel/Casino & FINDING A DEAD PERSON IN THE BED. You DON'T WANT TO MISS this episode, ENJOY FOLKS & CHEERS......

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