Episode 57; Casino Closures, Degenerate Sports betting & Carol Baskin stops by?


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Welcome back folks, So with our favorite places closing like Las Vegas & Casinos around the country due to the Corona Virus. We chat with Vince the casino manager & Alex the dealer about how they were informed and what they have heard coast to coast. as well as how it all went down for Vince's place. Plus what it will look like when this is all over. As well as the podcast being named and linked in a book? We even start down a rabbit hole which we start off the talking about #TigerKing lol. How social distancing backfired at some of the casinos during the outbreak. Plus Jay and Kelli tell you about the Degenerate Sports Betting they have been doing lately YES thats right theres still sports going on and you won't believe these guys and what they have been betting on lol. Also included is a real good story about Jay embarrassing himself at the BJ tables while trying cat call Vince. ENJOY FOLKS & CHEERS

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