Vernacademia 17 - Soul Calibur


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In This cast Red Coat speaks at length about Soul Calibur and its design You can find the rest of the playlist at: Our Website: Our Subscribestar: Our Patreon: Our Minds: Our Facebook: Our Twitter: Our Soundcloud: Our Audius: Cliff Notes: 00:04 Introduction 00:12 Soul Calibur as a Tekken Evolution 00:38 What is Soul Calibur 01:01 A 3D fighter with depth of field 01:32 Match flow in Soul Calibur 03:27 What is a Hit Confirm 04:11 Comboed out (or the One Touch) 05:11 How Does Soul Calibur Manage Combos 05:27 The Juggle State 06:11 Aerial Directional Influence 07:23 Damage Ratio and Proration 08:38 Counter hits and Combos 10:00 Arenas and their Influence 11:33 Comeback Mechanics 12:18 Street Fighter 4 and 5 Comebacks 12:57 Supers in Soul Calibur and Soul Edge 13:30 How does it control 13:55 Soul Calibur Frame Data 14:55 Soul Calibur Input Method 16:07 Movement within the 2D view 17:03 Symphonia Movement compared to Soul Calibur 17:29 Radial Movement 18:02 Visible Defensive Options 18:28 Soul Calibur Defensive Options 18:46 Guard Impact 20:11 Guilty Gear and Visible Defensive Options 22:26 Offensive Pacing In Soul Calibur 23:19 2D pacing vs 3D pacing 24:33 Zones in 2D games 25:47 Zones in 3D games 26:27 Soul Calibur 2 26:52 Soul Calibur 3 29:24 Soul Calibur 4 34:27 Soul Calibur 5 36:14 Damage Conversion 36:49 Ex Moves 40:10 Soul Calibur 2 And Character Balance 40:47 Soul Calibur 6 Impressions 41:46 Soul Charge 43:19 Lessons to learn from Soul Calibur 44:29 Pressure Construction in Anime Fighters 45:11 Stuffed Actions 45:40 Pressure Construction in Soul Calibur 46:35 Healthy Rhythm 47:44 Inspiration and Respect for the Martial Arts 49:23 Influence of Soul Calibur on Red Coat's Design Philosophy 50:09 Combat as a Conversation 51:26 Final Statements 51:42 Next Cast and Sign Off

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