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  • Clue in, donut! Duncan kidnaps his own baby so the evil Manning grandparents can’t add her to their collection of emotionally abused children.

  • Sheriff Lamb is on the case, and so is the FBI - Agent LUCY LAWLESS has come to town for this case! But mainly to neg Lamb.

  • They search for Duncan in a boat, up at Big Bear, in the Mars apartment, in Mexico - but Duncan is GONE. You wouldn’t think he could outwit the law, would you? But…

  • Veronica has aided and abetted him! They fake a breakup, steal from Celeste, double-cross pretty much everyone, and kiss goodbye forever.

  • And as if that wasn’t enough for one episode, there’s Wallace’s hit and run case, and Weevil getting a new tattoo while tracking down the mole in the PCHers.

Join Jenny Owen Youngs and Helen Zaltzman to investigate Veronica Mars season 2 episode 11: Donut Run, and contemplate such mysteries as whether there is anyone who doesn’t get the better of Lamb this episode, how you get Kendall to come and take a shower in your bathroom when you’re not home, if she should eat a pizza bagel when in there, whether you can learn everything you need to know about sex from WikiHow, and, after SHOCKING REVELATIONS in the LoDown, why any of this episode happens at all.

To make this bumper episode even more bumper, there are not one but TWO musical tributes, so gird yourselves.

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Content note: Veronica Mars contains heavy themes, and this episode contains storylines concerning death, murder, kidnapping, suicide and drugs.

This episode was edited and mixed by Helen Zaltzman; the music is by Martin Austwick and Jenny Owen Youngs; Lo Dodds gives us the LoDown. The show is distributed by PRX.org.

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