Of Vice and Men | S3E7


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We strive for audio perfection as much as we can, but unfortunately you will hear Amanda's audio spike a little bit and for that we apologize. We did as best we could to make it work for this episode and we'll make sure next week is cleaner!

In "Of Vice and Men", we are investigating the disappearance of dorm-mate, Sully, after his girlfriend, Meryl, comes to town and thinks aliens might have abducted him. Wallace and Mac are missed, but there is plenty of Piz to go around, as Veronica stays in Wallace's dorm with Piz to avoid Keith due to his affair with Harmony. Also, Veronica and Logan are on shaky waters after he refuses to tell Veronica what Mercer's alibi is, and Veronica gets drugged in the Hearst cafeteria.

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