Veronica's Marshmallows... RETURNS!


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Welcome marshmallows! We're an award-nominated weekly podcast where hosts Amanda and Angela investigate the cases, mysteries, and relationship dynamics on the show Veronica Mars episode-by-episode, including bonus interviews with cast and crew. We are RETURNING for season three on Tuesday, July 7th. That's right, your favorite ladies discussing your (presumably) favorite show, Veronica Mars, EVERY single week on Tuesdays. We hope you've missed us, because we've certainly missed you. Make sure you hit subscribe so you get alerts the minute a new episode releases! The New SeasonVeronica is off to Hearst college, alongside long-time pals Wallace and Mac, and plenty of Neptune High's most familiar faces. When we left off in season two, Kendall Casablancas presents a briefcase to Keith enticing him for help just an hour before he is supposed to meet Veronica. With no service at the airport, Veronica is left waiting at the airport for Keith, and she and Logan are still smooching away. What did Kendall want? Where is Keith? Has Veronica finally found happiness?

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