Ep 201: Neo Sacrament of the American Church


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Sat down in the back yard with my father, Jack Dunne for some truly wild stories and sacred wisdom. This is a conversation about drugs, hustling, recovery, spirituality, psychedelics, healing, selling fake acid to the Hells Angels, dreaming and scheming across the USA in the 70's, Jimson Weed hallucinations, stealing drugs, crack addiction, suicide, finding God, fucking up, surrender, redemption, family, forgiveness, light and LOVE. Our finest podcast yet. What a ride. Thanks Dad. Enjoy! Peep the podcast and all our films on www.youtube.com/veryape Follow us on instagram and twitter @VeryApeTV Follow Sean on instagram and twitter @SeanVeryApe Recorded July 24, 2020 Peekskill, NY

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