Justin Sheffield, U.S. Navy SEAL, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia


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U.S. Navy veteran Justin Sheffield walks us through his 14 years of service, almost all of it as a a U.S. Navy SEAL, including many years with the elite SEAL Team Six.
Sheffield gives us an amazing glimpse into BUD/s training to become SEAL and what separated those who succeeded and those who tapped out. He also takes us into the SEAL combat mindset and the mission his teams were asked to do in Iraq, Afghanistan and beyond.
Sheffield also walks us through one of his declassified missions, a 2011 rescue mission for an American missionary held prisoner in Somalia that he led and helped to plan.
Finally, Sheffield shares his very difficult re-entry into civilian life, how he came to the brink of suicide, and his work helping other veterans struggling after their time on active duty.
Don't miss this honest and revealing conversation with former Navy SEAL Justin Sheffield.

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