Are We Taking Pet's Temperature Wrong? Rethinking Home Diagnostics with Mella Pet Care


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Arguably one of the most challenging exam parameters for veterinary patients is body temperature. We have traditionally performed this rectally. So there’s that. … But how accurate is a rectal temperature anyway? And how were those “normal temperature ranges” determined? Have we been taking pet’s temperatures wrong? … This week hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor are joined by two of Mella Pet Care’s co-founders Yale Zhang and Anya Babbitt to discuss “all things temperature” - and a whole lot more! ( … The quartet muse on the current limitations and challenges of rectal temperature in animals, why the “standard” thermometer may not be as good as we’d like to believe, and Mell’s approach to in-home diagnostics. … Dr. Ward and Yale postulate on the future of in-home diagnostics, how this will impact telemedicine, and what this means for veterinary clinics. … Beckie challenges the notion that in-home testing performed by pet parents will threaten the veterinary profession and makes an astute observation on pediatricians, babies, and, well, body temperatures and veterinary businesses. You have to listen to find out more! Brilliant! … This is an important discussion because it speaks to the accelerating trend of what Dr. Ward calls, “The democratization of diagnostics.” We think you’re going to love this conversation!

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