B-side: 7inchstravaganza I


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Show notes and gallery: http://videogamegrooves.com/2020/09/18/b-side-7inchstravaganza-i/

Every once in a while, Video Game Grooves has to think… smaller. Welcome to our inaugural 7inchstravaganza festival of 7-inch vinyl appreciation! We have assembled a crack team of 7thusiasts™ to share and discuss and love on the littlest guys in our collections. Jeremy and Paul are joined with Aaron Hamel of Ship to Shore Records and Frederik Lauridsen from blipblop.net to unearth some of the tiny treasures from our collections!

Come along and listen to our little 45s in the most entertaining and convenient way possible! No need to flip your disc!

Twitter – @vg_grooves, @jeremy_lamont, @STSphonoco, @blipblopwax

Overwatch Lucio “Synaesthesia Auditiva” (Recruit Kit)
Mario’s Great Adventure
La Quête De L’Oiseau Du Temps
Galak-Z The Dimensional
Katamari Fantasy
Kid Icarus/Metroid Original Soundtrack Orchestra Version
Drift Stage
Pizza Power + Tubin


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