Ep. 203: How To Turn Video Marketing Into A Revenue Driver For Your Business


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Imagine downloading 20 years of viral marketing success in 50 minutes.

How much would that be worth to you?

Well, never mind the price tag — this one is free.

Recently, I spoke at the Arizona Innovation Marketing Association (AZIMA) and shared my most powerful discoveries to help you level up your sales and marketing results.

This isn’t a speech preaching to “hustle harder” and “grind.” That’s unhelpful (and frankly, I can’t stand “gurus” who push that message).

This is the exact opposite, and I can’t wait to reveal these tactics and strategies with you.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why customer acquisition is getting harder
  • What to say and in what order to get your prospects to buy
  • How to brainstorm profitable video topics for your business
  • How to use relevant stories that command attention

Throughout the speech, I also drop 19 different “marketing hacks,” so I created a free cheat-sheet to help you follow along. Download it by requesting access to the WireBuzz Insider Facebook group and then clicking “Files” on the left-side menu”.

Enjoy this episode of Video Marketing Mastery :)

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