Ep. 210: Customer Psychology And The Buying Decision


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Whether you know it or not, psychology is involved with the buying decision.

And one way to persuade your customer to buy is to use videos to tell stories. But why is video storytelling so effective?

Video allows you to get your message across more clearly. Stories connect to a viewer and it becomes relevant to their life, it’s tangible. Combining that with the power of video, you have an unstoppable duo.

In this week’s episode, I interview Cory Bergeron, CEO to Pitch Media (a digital ad and video production agency) to go into detail about the customer psychology and their buying decisions. You’ll also learn if you got what it takes to be a successful salesman and what you can do to increase your success rate.

If you’re looking to make more sales for your company, then tune into this week’s episode of Video Marketing Mastery!

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