Ep. 220: Fanocracy: Turning Customers Into Raving Fans


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Recently, I was working at a Tony Robbins event and a good friend of the Toddcast, David Meerman Scott, took the stage to discuss Fanocracy. Recognizing this was a super valuable topic to Video Marketing Mastery followers, we brought David back on the show to share more about this concept.

David feels like we’ve gone too far in the direction of superficial online communication and that it’s time the pendulum swings back the other way towards genuine human connection. That’s what Fanocracy is all about.

And growing a large fanbase isn’t limited to just athletes, musicians, and celebrities. In this episode, he’ll reveal how any business can develop a large following of raving fans, even B2B companies (hint: he shares a story of an insurance company that grew their YouTube channel to 700,000 followers). Plus, he shares how he combines neuroscience with video to create this “raving fan” effect even faster.

Read to turn more of your customers into raving fans? Then tune in to this episode of Video Marketing Mastery!

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