Ep. 225: Using Video to Engage Your Internal Team


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WireBuzz works with many enterprise clients who host a national sales meeting (NSM) during the year.

If you haven’t heard of a national sales meeting before, think of it as a gigantic pep-rally where executives and sales leaders bring together their sales team to gain alignment and excitement around marching orders for the coming year, such as new quotas, new products, new market segments, etc.

We have one client in particular who loves to push the creative ceiling for their NSM. In the past, they’ve done themes around The Brady Bunch, Superheros, and the Wizard of OZ. This year...it was baseball.

To hit a home run for this client, we rented a 4,000-square-foot sound stage with a green screen, punched up the client’s script with jokes, and created dozens of special effects in post-production.

When the client premiered the final production at their NSM, the room went crazy. People were especially floored to see their colleagues playing acting roles in the video.

In this episode, the WireBuzz team gathered in the studio for a debrief session to discuss surprising takeaways, what we could’ve done better, and the most important lessons to learn if you’re shooting an internal video for a client.

So press play and tune in to this episode of Video Marketing Mastery!

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