Ep. 227: How The Best Salespeople Create Value to Win the Sale


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In today's world, it's all about consultative selling. People expect you to dive into their business and help them solve their unique problems.

And it’s the salesperson’s job to listen to their needs and then create enough value to win the sale. However, most salespeople are simply going through the motions and checking off the boxes during their discovery calls and proposal meetings.

Sure, you might close the “low-hanging fruit” that way, but you’ll never become a top-earning salesperson until you master the skill of creating value. When you understand how to create value the right way, you separate yourself from 80% of your competition.

Dan Lier, professional sales trainer and keynote speaker, joins us on the podcast again to discuss how to take your sales to the next level. Dan’s history of success speaks for itself:

  • Two-time collegiate basketball national champion
  • Top-earning sales representative for Tony Robbins
  • #1 requested keynote speaker in Las Vegas
  • And the guy companies hire to train their sales team

In this episode, Dan reveals how to ask questions that build value, his “4-point connection strategy” to build rapport, and why an undisturbed prospect will not buy.

Grab a pen and paper to take notes and tune in to this episode of Video Marketing Mastery!

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