Ep. 240: Go behind the scenes for Todd's Tony Robbins Webinar


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Everyone has that one person they’ve always looked up to. For me, that person was Tony Robbins. As a kid, I would ride around in my grandpa’s car and listen to Tony Robbins’ audiobooks.

So when I got the chance to work for Team Tony, you can imagine how excited I was. Getting this opportunity took years of hard work and dedication to my craft, and man was I thrilled!

This week I did my second webinar for Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery audience. A few weeks back, I trained his internal sales and marketing team and did 120 HOURS of prep for it. The work that myself and my team put into this production was next level, and this week I want to take you behind the scenes of production day.

My producer, Sarah Scott, walks you through this special day with plenty of laughs. She likes to make jokes at my expense. This is a fun bonus episode for all of my loyal listeners because you deserve to be along for the ride too! So sit back and enjoy a peak into production day here at WireBuzz on this week’s episode of Video Marketing Mastery.

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