Ep. 241: Where Google is Going & Aligning Your Business with Mark Traphagen


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Google just made updates to their algorithm....again. As a digital marketer, it benefits you to align with where Google is going. Usually, this can be tricky, but Google did something different this time.

Unexpectedly, Google disclosed their update — that page experience is now a primary ranking factor — and they’re giving businesses a chance to optimize their website before being penalized or “slapped.”

“We aim to confirm such updates when we feel there is actionable information that webmasters, content producers or others might take in relation to them.” - Google

The message is clear: improve your website's user experience or get deranked in the search engines.

This week I bring on one of the world’s leading Google authorities, Mark Traphagen. He’s a returning guest who’s going to update you on where Google is going and how you can prepare your business to take advantage of Google's page experience update.

Bad marketers don’t follow developing trends or news. All they do is react. But I want you to be proactive. I want you to adjust your business for the changes ahead so you can ride out the storm like a boss! So take notes and prepare to align your business with Google on this week’s episode.

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