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Brittany Bayley is an Email Copywriting Expert that helps service providers niche down into email copywriting. She provides this service along with teaching her clients how to live intentionally while building a business that supports their lifestyle.

“When I'm able to unplug and focus on something completely different, that's where I get my ideas.” - Brittany Bayley

How can you build a business that supports your lifestyle? Brittany is sharing her thoughts in this Visionaries episode. A big part of accomplishing this is being able to manage your time. Brittany initiates her time right away in her client onboarding process. “In your contract detail your response time and expectations when working together.” Brittany highlights the need to niche when you’re building a successful business.

Minimalism (or essentialism as Brittany refers to it) is about intentionally focusing your energy in areas where you want to be, grow and build upon. If you’re trying to build a business that supports your lifestyle you will need to turn off the notifications. “Calm the inbox” is one way Brittany has been able to successfully help her clients and strengthen the real world relationships she has. Designing the schedule you want is very simple if you can focus your energy and follow through.

“What is necessary to keep going and to keep executing on the vision that I have. It's reducing waste, reducing drag and living very purposefully and intentionally.” - Brittany Bayley

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