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Imagine taking a $125,000/year pay cut to pursue a new career path. Former Corporate Bankruptcy Litigator, Nick Pavlidis, did just that. Growing up, Nick always wanted to be a lawyer. The financial independence that came from this career would fulfill his dreams of providing for his family. But the long hours took a strain on his family, his marriage, and his happiness. After 10+ years in the business, Nick decided enough was enough.

“I set boundaries that I didn't set with the practice of law and just told myself I'm going to build the best business I can from 8:30 PM till midnight until it became something that I could use to quit my job.” - Nick Pavlidis

Unable to pinpoint an exact career path, he knew being a lawyer, wasn’t it. Nick left his job at the law firm, moved back to his home state of Massachusetts, took an interim job, and used his “after hours” - to test out different side hustles. Ultimately finding his true passion, ghostwriting.

What is it about ghostwriting that had Nick hooked? The storytelling! Years of oral argument in the court transitioned nicely here! After writing a short memoir he began to network like crazy. The snowball started to roll and 5+ years later he is truly happy in his career.

“Everything leads with story.” - Nick Pavlidis

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Nick Pavlidis, is a full-time ghostwriter and coach. He's married with two kids and resides in Massachusetts. Before becoming a full-time ghostwriter, Nick spent 13 years practicing law.

Since quitting his last job in the legal industry, he has continued to support his family, exclusively from his ghostwriting business. He’s personally ghostwritten many books—including books that achieved bestselling status on the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, LA Times, Independent Bookstores, Amazon (including the #1 nonfiction eBook on all of Amazon), Barnes & Noble (including the #2 paid eBook on the site) on and more.

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