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You don’t need to invent the next Amazon to become a millionaire, just ask Bailey Richert. Getting started as an Infopreneur is about using your knowledge, passions and life experiences to create products and services that give value and generate income.

Award-winning business coach, Bailey Richert is unveiling her timeline of entrepreneurial success in this Visionaries episode. What started off as a self-motivating hustle quickly turned into a career filled with passion, the need for helping others and growth.

After giving an amazing presentation at ClickFunnels LIVE, Bailey wanted to ride the success train and stay top of mind. Bailey is a great writer and decided to repurpose her blog to the ClickFunnels Facebook group. She soon became admired for her thought provoking and value-added posts that many started following in her footsteps. Nothing comes easy, but when you are passionate about helping others you will always find success.

“If you want to make an impact on the world on a large scale, that's great. But I don't want to see that fire get snuffed out because you start to realize it's actually really difficult.” - Bailey Richert

Bailey shares some realistic expectations when starting out as an infopreneur, how you can influence others and the benefits of sharing knowledge.

“I think that the secret to lifestyle freedom is actually found in a schedule.” - Bailey Richert

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Bailey Richert is an award-winning business coach who helps infopreneurs grow their businesses with simple yet effective online strategies.

Throughout her career, she has educated hundreds of thousands of infopreneurs through her free content and sold millions of dollars worth of her own info-products. She has earned a ClickFunnels 2-Comma Club Award, been featured in major media outlets around the world like HuffPost and Forbes and has spoken on stage at industry-leading events like TEDx and FunnelHacking Live.

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