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“Make more impact, make more money and change more lives” is Jenny Singh’s mission. Jenny worked at an ad agency for years helping Fortune 500 brands including Better Homes & Gardens, John Deere, Pella Windows and Michelin Tire create digital ads. She decided to leave her 9-5 to pursue her dreams of having more freedom. She founded a Facebook advertising business on the belief that entrepreneurs and small businesses could thrive when they implement the marketing strategies big brands use!

“People are smart. Like at this point in 2020, everyone knows what an ad is and when they're getting one. Right? So how do we build that ad flow where you know you're getting targeted but you like it and you don't care. You're like, I actually enjoy this experience.” - Jenny Singh

What moves the needle for small business owners is the question Jenny asks when creating Facebook ads for her clients. The discovery to purchase in an organic-like way is how her clients dominate the market, grow their revenue and build a dream business and life.

“Take what feels good and leave the rest… Then do that on a daily basis.” - Jenny Singh

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