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You don’t need a four year degree to make good money, just ask Esther Inman. CEO & Founder of Virtual Assistant Internship and the 90 DAY VA online program, Esther helps moms, military spouses, and anyone who wants to break free from the traditional 9-to-5, by teaching them how to work online as a virtual assistant (VA).

“You don’t need a four year degree to make great money online anymore. You can learn skills and make more money as time goes on.” - Esther Inman

Esther started her career in the education system but quickly moved into Corporate America. The long commute, lack of family time and unpredictability as the wife of an active duty Marine Corps husband ultimately lead her to turn to online work.

Esther quickly found success and began training other military wives on how to do the same. She began to off-load some of her work while building up additional VA skills and starting helping entrepreneurs build online courses. She was able to move her family to Bali, close her agency and launch her virtual assistant program where she has helped over 2,000 women work from home as VA’s!

Esther is an advocate of breaking free from burnout. The money you make and the hours you work do not dictate happiness and success. (You shouldn’t have to work all day and night, every day in order to be successful!) The internet, online courses and the education industry has leveled the playing field across the world. Anyone can be successful as a virtual assistant, you just have to take the chance and put in the work.

“Every time you get uncomfortable and you can't breathe and you're like, ‘Oh no!’ It probably means you're about to level up. You just have to keep going. ” - Esther Inman

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