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Leaving her cushioned corporate job was a pivotal moment for Dawn Sinkule. After 17 years, climbing the ladder of a Fortune 25 retail corporation, she made the leap into entrepreneurship. Dawn used her experience and knowledge to form a boutique agency that helps eCommerce lifestyle brands scale their business to the next level of profitability, and she hasn’t looked back.

“I think at one point I just sort of realized like, ‘Wow, I am working so hard for someone else. If I’m going to work that hard, I want to be doing it for me.’” - Dawn Sinkule

Dawn is no stranger to “doing all the things.” The first year and a half of being a solopreneur taught her that it’s necessary to delegate and build a team of like minded individuals that want to succeed. Her business began to grow and so did her knowledge of the digital space. She got to a point where she could narrow in on serving her ideal clients and rebranding her life and business.

Dawn Sinkule, is an MBA graduate, with more than 17 years in Corporate America managing Billion dollar budgets and teams of thousands. Dawn cleared all the grey suits out of her closet to create Digital Dawn Agency. Dawn has assembled the best of the best in marketing, operational strategy, design, Facebook and Instagram advertising and more to strategically support entrepreneurs as they expand their reach and their horizons. Digital Dawn's hands-on, personalized approach means that her clients won’t lose sleep over where their ad spend is going, or if they have the inventory to make it through a launch.

“In the virtual space, there is even more of an opportunity for people to design the life that they want.” - Dawn Sinkule

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