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A former fine-art major-turned-designer, Tim uses the alchemy of design, curiosity, caffeine, and Visual Thinking to create workshops, posters, flyers, experience maps, complex information graphics, web experiences, animations, and many other elixirs, all with a focus on helping humans solve challenges.

Tim has received numerous awards and honors for his work including an appearance on the reality TV show “doodle wars”, contributions to Born Magazine, IDN Magazine and accolades in HOW Magazine. Tim was a guest presenter at Adobe’s CS4 global launch event and took first place in Portland’s inaugural Cut & Paste competition. Tim has been helping humans solve challenges for about 22 years through employment at a number of companies and agencies in Boston and the Pacific Northwest, currently working happily as Creative Director at XPLANE’s Portland headquarters where he leads Visual Thinking workshops, and does all he can to help his clients tackle organizational challenges.

Tim May Creative Director XPLANE tim.may@xplane.com | @freshbeast | www.xplane.com

The tools mentioned by Tim: https://www.xplane.com/tools

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