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Andi Roberts

I help people, teams and organisations transform and raise their performance through coaching, facilitation and visual consulting. I draw on an extensive and varied background to do this: BUSINESS: In business I have had a range of roles, including director of a 150+ staff family business in the health care sector, manager in the consulting arm of a Fortune 100 defence contractor, owner and partner of several learning and events companies including a virtual learning organisation. This has given me senior leadership experience and a clear understanding of how to support leaders at all levels get the best out of themselves and others. ACADEMIA: I currently work in two Business Schools in Europe. Firstly the OU Business School, where I am an Associate Lecturer in 21st century leadership, marketing & finance. Secondly as part of the Exec Education faculty at Limak (Austria). I hold a Professional Diploma in Management and three Master’s degrees, one of which is an MBA. PROFESSIONAL TRAINING: I am trained as a business coach and hold the Professional Certified Coach designation of the International Coach Federation. I am also trained in a range of facilitation tools & techniques. I hold the Certified Professional Designation of the International Association of Facilitators. Globally I am the only person to hold both of these designations. I have delivered a significant volume of training around leadership, transformation, innovation and B2B sales. INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE: I work in English and fluently in Spanish, having spent 16 years working and living in Spain. I have delivered projects personally in over 35 countries & regularly travel across Europe and beyond.A significant part of my work is delivered through virtual conferencing platforms such as Adobe Connect. If you think I can add value, reach out!

Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/andiroberts/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/doodles4leaders



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