13 - Christopher Henke


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Christopher Henke

Christopher Henke, Senior Project Manager at Deutsche Telekom AG in the board area of Technology and Innovation. Skilled in Consulting, creative ideation/problemsolving, Design Thinking, Visual Thinking, Business Process, Product Lifecycle Management and Agile Methodologies. ☆ VITAMINP.info / Blog My blog about creative productivity and Visual Thinking https://VITAMINP.info ☆ CORNEL NOTES / METHOD Article about the Cornell (notes) method https://vitaminp.info/kreative-notizen/ A video to describe and show an example of Cornell notes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPT7OlctdEw&feature=youtu.be ☆ PARETO Article about the Pareto principle https://vitaminp.info/pareto-prinzip-80-20-regel/BLITZDESIGNER.de / Just started business My claim: "I visualize your thoughts and bring the solution to the point“. Transparent thoughts and a clear basis for decision-making. That is what Blitzdesigner.de can offer you. I put your problem and the solution visually on paper. Blitzdesigner.deinstagram.com/VITAMINP.info

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