F.R.E.E. - Eyes Wide Open - Reaction in Real Time - Part Two


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Eyes Wide Open - Part Two - Do you think Human Trafficking is only happening overseas? Think again. This Human Trafficking Encounter opened the eyes of our guests to human trafficking right here in America, even here in Berks County. We would like to thank The Samaritan Women Institute for Shelter Care for providing the "Human Trafficking Encounter" Exhibit at our recent Home on the Horizon Event. It was created to portray what it's like to live the life as a victim of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. It was a powerful immersion exhibit that deepened awareness of the issue of domestic sex trafficking. We were very encouraged by the amount of participants who walked through the exhibit and we are hopeful that it will have a lasting impact and encourage those to walk alongside us in this fight. Our Eyes Wide Open podcast gives us a glimpse into the reactions of some of our guests after they walked through the encounter. Don't miss out on this two part series.

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