How Are Live Performing Arts Coming Back? Listen to our Panel Discussion


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For all of us remembering that the performing arts is kind of like the town square, that everyone comes to better understand their humanity, whether it's through music or dance performance, to interpret the world as it is. And as they want it to be, and they want to see themselves.” - Michael Sullivan

Welcome to our September 2021 virtual live panel discussion show. Given the fourth wave of COVID 19's Delta variant and the ever-changing City, County, and State protocols, we wanted to check back in with six of the performing arts organizations from our series and have them share how each of their organizations is bringing back live performances or not, for the 2021 fall performing arts season.

In this episode our featured voices are the Executive Director of San Francisco Performances, Melanie Smith, the Design and Communications Director of City Arts & Lectures, Allie Washkin, the Managing Director of the San Francisco War Memorial & Performing Arts Center, John Caldon, the Executive Director of Music at Kohl Mansion, Patricia Kristof Moy, and the Board Member, writer, director and performer of The San Francisco Mime Troupe, Michael Gene Sullivan as well as co-researcher and co-author of the nation’s largest survey of performing arts workers Return to the Stage, Meg Friedman.

For more information about each of the nonprofit organizations featured on today’s one-hour special virtual live panel discussion please go to our Covid-19 special series page to listen to the in-depth interviews of our panelists, starting with City Arts and Lectures in episode 13, San Francisco Performances in episode 18, the San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center in episode 17, Music at Kohl Mansion in episode 40, the San Francisco Mime Troupe in episode 4 and the Return to the Stage national survey of our performing arts work force in episode 56. Also, Please sign up for our newsletter so we can keep you in the loop and you can participate in the next virtual live panel show.

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