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“I look forward to seeing how sort of the general public reviews, how they look at artists. And go, Oh, this is a valid life choice”-Erica Andracchio

In this episode our featured voice is Playwriter, actress and Executive Director of the Left Coast Theater Company. Erica Andracchio who describes herself as, the lady with many hats for a number of years now. "I started off acting and you know, when you're in high school and early college days it's, I'm gonna go to Hollywood and be a famous actress. And then you realize that doesn't pan out quite as easily as you think it does. Erica got very involved with, the San Francisco theater scene as an actress about fourteen, thirteen years ago."

"Left Coast Theater company is exclusively an LGBTQ, plus a theater company that does works primarily new works. We're known mostly for doing anthologies, which is a like 10 to 15 minute short play over the course of one night. You'll see maybe six or seven of them under one theme."

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