The Importance of Ownership, You Guys


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The Buffalo Sabres have had a rough go of it in recent memory. Consistently missing the playoffs, overpaying for free agents, bad draft picks and bad trades have resulted in dark days for the team. It's also resulted in a somewhat revolving door for the front office and coaching staff.

The Buffalo Bills on the other hand, have seemed to right the ship in the last several years. With good coaching and leadership in the front office, they've been successful in team development and player acquisitions and are trending upwards.

This episode takes a look at these two organizations, and their owners, Terry and Kim Pegula. How much blame should they shoulder for the failure of the Sabres and how much credit should they get for the Bills turnaround? How much of a role should they, and do they, truly play. Also what are the expectations for these two organizations and ownership as a whole?

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