Flashback Thursday in Bolingbrook with Phillip and Lavoil


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Hey all, Marty here. I sure thought I’d have the voice to be with you today but we’re going to do one more flashback Thursday I guess, and it’s a good one. 2 years ago to the week we visited with Phillip and Lavoil out in Illinois on many of the subjects we’ve recently discussed!

Hey all, Warehouse and Operations as a Career is in Bolingbrook Illinois today, I’m Marty and I’ve looked up Phillip and Lavoil, you’ll remember Phillip from several previous episodes, he’s shared his thoughts on a wealth of subjects with us before, and Lavoil’s visited us twice I think, I believe the last time was episode 58 where he talked about operating the slip-sheet machine!

Phillip, thanks for taking a few minutes with WAOC today Sir!


Last night we were talking and you brought up Customer Service a couple of times during the conversation. I’ve talked a little on Customer Service here at WAOC but I don’t know that we’ve really delved into it as we should yet. You know, I believe every position has customers, if I’m an outbound forklift driver my customer could be considered the order selector or if I’m in Sanitation I think I would be considering the crew my Customer. I think we all, anyone in any position has a customer, I mean theirs someone where one of our responsibilities is to make their job easier, or help them be more efficient, really by performing our job to the best of our ability we can help someone else do theirs better right?


Lavoil, welcome back to WAOC and thanks for sitting with us today Sir!


SO Lavoil, you work at a facility as a 3rd party, being in the unloading segment of the industry you have your Customer or Account and the over the road driver as your customers. How are those relationships different from one another in regards to Customer Service for you?


As you know I think a lot about the warehouse or operations associate. How do ya’ll relate Customer Service to your employees?

Is the Orientation process a component of your Customer Service towards your employees Phillip?

I know you each of you work out of your Bolingbrook Office here in Illinois but you both have a Corporate office in Texas. You deal with not only payroll, but AP/AR, HR, and even Benefits, they can be our customers, too right?

Customer Service –


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