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Welcome to episode 198 of Warehouse and Operations as a Career, I’m Marty and WAOC is back on the road this week. It’s been a while, with everything going on, lets see, theirs been very little traveling since late February, at our company, we’ll really I think for most companies. Kind of necessity only. I’m glad to see it getting a little easier, people here, or those I’m around, or well, people I’m running into on my daily travels were or are on the verge of cabin fever or worse!

I wanted to talk a minute about a few of the new rules and procedures we may have to deal with at our facilities and how, well, some of us just aren’t dealing with them. I had two young up and coming warehouse associates quit last week over a mandate that they wear a mask or face coverings of any sort while working. My home state has issued orders that one must wear a mask or cover our faces when we are going into any store, restaurant or when we can’t maintain a social distance of 6 feet apart. I’m not going to go all political here today, I have my opinion, but I’ll keep it to myself. And when out in public or going to the store I tend to follow my own beliefs. However, at work, at my job, I do as requested. The job site is not a place to make a statement. More times than not we may not be aware of why a process or directive is put in place. But it is our job to follow it. I heard about a customer of a sourcing facility requesting that an automatic hand sanitizer stand be purchased and used for all the guest entering their building.

I’m used to wearing a mask, every facility I’ve visited over the last two months require it. I was a little shocked when I arrived at the airport earlier this week, with signs pasted everywhere, I mean on every door, oh, and when I checked in for my flight I had to state that I would wear a mask while inside the airport and on my flight, anyway, I was shocked at how many people were not wearing one. An act of defiance, maybe a belief they have, I don’t know. You’ve heard me talk about the red light runners, the amber light racers, and the HOV lane thieves. I’m praying we’ll all keep the ME mentality out of the work place. There, we need rules, procedures, brotherhood as a people to keep us all productive and safe!

OK, on with this weeks show! Like I said I’m out in Denver this week. I’m visiting with 5 of our accounts out here and more importantly catching up with a lot of our unloaders, order selectors and G/L folks. I’m excited to be bringing a lot of new training ideas and sharing some new orientation techniques with the employees and frontline managers. And I have a special treat for us this week. While sitting in the lobby getting a little planning done I heard a familiar voice! If you’re a long time listener you’ll recognize Phillip as well.

Phillip, what are you doing in Denver this week? I think the last time you were on the show we were in your Chicago office?


As you know Sir, I do a lot with the training, Safety and sourcing new talent for our light industrial world. It’s been slow. A lot of our industries are considered an essential workforce so it’s been creeping along but as the economy is rebooting I’m seeing it pick back up! Your mainstay is distribution, what are you seeing out there?


I’m hearing from a lot of generalist and HR managers, even hiring agents talking about the influx of unexperienced applicants. I think a lot of young men and women that used to love retail or service positions like restaurants, hotels, or entertainment have recognized our industry kept working during the slow down and are interested in those jobs! Have you seen anything like that being sent to you from your recruiters?


I know only about 50% of the applicants I see have the experience they claim to have, and you know I’m really ok with the lack of experience, a lot of times I can still place them. They don’t have any bad habits to break! What are you seeing out there?


SO to change the subject, and not to put you on the spot, but I was honored to get to set in on a management meeting you hosted today. My observations are that I’m seeing a reversal of the old can do attitudes that use to be taught to a new member of management. Earlier I was ranting about the all me please observations I’m seeing out in life. Are we starting to see that type of finger pointing and, I don’t want to use the word, excuses, but, well, I’ll say accepting less responsibilities seems to be the norm. Explain how I’m wrong Phillip, and I do want to be wrong!


We could talk all day Phillip, it was great running into you and I want to thank you for taking a few minutes with our WAOC group Sir!


And I want to thank each of you for checking in today. I didn’t get to a couple of topics I’d written down buy hey, it was nice visiting with our old friend Phillip! Until next week, be safe, think of others, and remember our Priority 1 at work!

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