Episode 56 - Conquer Your Mountains with John Beede


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Today I have the pleasure of speaking with John Beede. John has climbed to the top of the tallest mountain on every continent, including Mount Everest. More people have orbited in space than have climbed the tallest mountain on every continent. During the 9 year adventure, he somehow survived avalanches, pulmonary edema, tribal warfare, and a whole lot of Clif bars. He’s a worldwide adventurer who has traveled to 67 countries, written 3 books, and given live presentations to nearly 1 million live audience members. He's the author of 3 books, the newest is called The Warrior Challenge: 8 Quests for Boys to Grow Up with Kindness, Courage, and Grit.

You can find out more about John and his work from his website and social media links below...

Website: https://www.johnbeede.com

Book: https://www.johnbeede.com/warriorchallenge

Instagram: @johnbeede

Facebook: @johnbeede

LinkedIn: @johnbd

Twitter: @johnbeede

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