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In this episode of the Warrior Mind Podcast I’m going to discuss what it takes to become a great leader in life and business.

Keys to Becoming a Great leader

Being a great leader isn’t all about the title or responsibilities one is expected to take. But when we talk about a great leader, some aspects come to our mind.

Ideally, not everyone qualifies to be a leader. There are a certain set of qualities one is required to portray to maintain such a position. So, what exactly are the necessary attributes that make one a great leader?

Most often people would mention the common merits when asked about the skills of a great leader. Some of these skills include the commitment to the job, effective delegating skills, a positive attitude, brutal honesty, and most importantly, the self-belief that you’ve what it takes when it comes to good management.

However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t other qualities that are more precise for a person looking to be a great leader. There are also several aspects to take to consider when it comes to what makes a successful leader. All these contribute towards making sure that the individual becomes a responsible person who can lead effectively.

The Specific Strength of a Great leader

When you visualize a great leader, there are some things that come into your mind.

Well, apart from the traits we’ve mentioned previously. There are just a few things that help in defining the person who can take a charge. Perhaps these are sort of things you need to think about when you’re aspiring to rise through the rank all along to the top.

Good Communication

Good governance goes hand in hand with having good communication. It helps those in employment to understand exactly the purpose of task you’re delegating to them.

The goals one should set need to be clear because performance will directly reflect back to you. So how should one go about this? Well, speak clearly when you’re talking to someone. If you’re writing a message, ensure it isn’t vague.

Social Skills

A leader is a person who regularly meets with the strangers to discuss business and also talk to employees about their task and work performance. Therefore, this means that social skills shouldn’t come as a surprise since it’s a crucial thing they need to adopt.

But, You don’t necessarily need to be a social person, only in situations that warrant it.

Listening Skills

Effective communication is when a person not only speak clearly but also listen carefully. A great leader speaks confidently about the product of business entitled to them. But that’s not enough, they should be able to listen to others as well.

Regardless of their own workers or other company’s employee, a great leader listen to any suggestions or problems affecting other people.


A great leader needs to lead the entire team as an example of achieving success. Generally, leading a group of people may be that easy, so it’s essential to organize an effective team and work together as people with a common goal.

However, that doesn’t mean leaders should not be authoritative while undertaking their matters. They are responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly in accordance with rules and regulations pertaining to a given organization. A leader should take an active role in what is going on in the entire business. Another goal that one may want to reach in this regard is making sure that the employees are thoroughly assessed.


A great leader is generally a person who is focused and determined.

As a leader you’ll not want to stay just like an employee, rather you’ll want to get to the top of your game be able to run the business. Sincerely, it won’t be that easy as one may think, but this can’t stop a determined person from pushing through them and come out ultimately as a defined leader.


This is another trait that doesn’t come as a shock just like the point about determination.

If you’re willing to push through drawbacks despite the challenges, then it’s a clear indication of confidence in their ability. When you show your confidence off proudly, there are high chances that the potential business partners and associates would feel as though they can trust in your judgment.

When we round all of these qualities together, You get a true picture of what it takes to be a great leader. They effectively work together to present a person with the required skills of playing the role of not only a leader but be a good one. Although the task involved in becoming one is not easy, the outcome is rewarding and helpful.

Enjoy this podcast what it takes to be a great leader

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Lacking the Essential Leadership Qualities

Imagine a situation where one misses some of these useful skills. Perhaps this is something that deserves a lot of thought as will be thinking about what would happen.

Naturally, it may be difficult for a person to display all of these qualities we’ve mentioned. However, if they can nature some of the important skills, then it would be easy to pick up the others if they’ve enough strength of mind.

How to develop skills that improve your chances of becoming a great leader

The process involved in becoming a great leader isn’t something that happens overnight. But there are few ways to adapt and accomplish if you admit your weaknesses and work towards making the necessary improvement.

Know the Problems Area

You need to first put the focus on the specific problem

You need to be frank with yourself on your shortcomings. Take time to identify them and list how these can be dealt with. Try to get reasons why you aren’t reaching your full potential and then think of possible ways that can help in changing the situation completely.

Set Goals for Yourself

Make sure that your objectives are clear. Understand the need for being a great leader.

When You psychologically prepare yourself to be somewhere, it becomes easier to make radical changes. Once you’ve identified your problems and cover how to tackle, write down the exact things You’ll want to accomplish by doing so.

Becoming the Best Leader

If a person can possess all of the above skills, there is no doubt of becoming a great leader.

Although one may excel in becoming a better leader without certain qualities, some would be more important. Confidence and determination are quite essential aspects that a great leader should not ignore.

Essential Behaviors of a Great Leader

  • Motivating
  • Guiding
  • Including

If you hope of becoming a great leader, then always play your strength among other factors aligned to your personalities. Although other aspects such as intuition, creativity, and positivity can be essential, these attributes aren’t completely crucial when establishing yourself as a great leader.

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