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In this episode of the Warrior Mind Podcast I’m going to discuss what a personal transformation is and how the steps to take to survive and thieve this transition.

How to Survive A Personal Transformation

According to great philosophers, change is the only constant thing. You can never evade life changes and whether it’s the beginning or the end of a relationship, job/career change, starting a family, or loss of a family, transitions are part of human existence but yet difficult to adapt to. Our lives can be regarded as ‘work-in-progress’, but because we don’t control our future, we don’t know when to experience our next transition. Surviving personal transition can be challenging but we, at Transitions Institute are here to help. We provide professional support to help you manage transitions easily and establish your goals.

Everyone desires to experience a life full of joy and satisfaction, have nurturing and fulfilling relationships, and go beyond self-imposed limitations. However, things don’t always go as we expect and for you to live the life you desire, you must go through a transitions process. When coping with changes, it’s likely to find yourself in a ‘flight, fight or freeze response’. Whether the transformative event was anticipated or unexpected, desired or not, adapting to change is not always tough and requires physical and mental energy to adapt to a new set of circumstances and find a new equilibrium. The following are four phases of the transitions process that explain how to take control of your life.

Enjoy this podcast on surviving your personal transformation

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Examining the personal transformation process

Phase 1 – Self-Awareness

The self-awareness phase examines the relationship you have with the voice in your head or your thoughts. In most cases, the conversation you have with your inner self can question you or find fault in everything you do, but with Warrior Mind Coaching, you’ll learn how to change it to be supportive. Your inner dialogue shapes and determines your personal reality and once you choose us, we promise to make a difference in your life by showing you how to alter your inner conversation easily and replace hesitation and concern with freedom and confidence.

Phase 2 – Self-Acceptance

The second phase is about self-acceptance; accepting where you’ve come from, where you are and where you want to be. At Warrior Mind Coaching, I’m committed to providing you with appropriate tools that will help move your attention from the past to the future you dream about. In this phase, we help you understand who you are. Self-Acceptance is not about taking ownership of your strengths and weaknesses, gifts and limitations; it’s about being responsible for your actions and embracing your extraordinary, unlimited as well as generative power of who you are. The world around us is full of challenges and for you to adopt, you must believe in yourself that you have the power to conquer.

Phase 3 – Self-Generation

In this phase, we understand that there’s who you are and what people think you are. We, therefore, help you to interpret who you are for the people around you and who you are for yourself. By comprehending the nature of yourself, you get in an environment where you won’t be afraid of experimenting with the change process and reducing any risks in your path to change. That way, you’ll live a happy life knowing that the sky’s the limit and that you have all it takes to face challenges and emerge victorious to explore possible future. Besides, you’ll be able to create your reality and once you declare your future with purpose, conviction, and power, your declarations will have power and you’ll soon find yourself where you’ve always wanted to be.

Phase 4 – Self-Actualization

The fourth phase is all about examining pathways to the future and developing skills and strategies that will get you to the desired destination. At Warrior Mind Coaching, we help you understand that you’re not visualizing and thinking about your future, but you’re indeed living it. For you to keep your future alive, you must design appropriate practices and structures and come up with the right techniques to transform your problems into opportunities and most importantly, learn how to express your intentions and commitments in the right way to support your career, friends, family, and organizations.

Bottom line

Personal transitions are challenging and whereas some such as getting the first job are common, others such as changing careers are unique. Life transition is a period of growth and during this time, you will change for the better. Accept that you are remarkable and that you can overcome challenges on your way to greatness. Most importantly, don’t walk this journey alone because I’m here to walk with you.

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