POSTGAME POD: Washington disappoints in the desert and the offense is starting to look like a real problem


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JP Finlay, Mitch Tischler and Pete Hailey are feeling a lot different about things a week after they were feeling really good about things. To begin this Washington Football Talk ep, which comes after the disappointing loss to the Cardinals, the hosts play a fitting song (that Pete hasn't heard before) and get right into their reactions. How worried are they about the offense, how worried are they about Dwayne Haskins and how worried are they about the direction of the entire roster? They also debate Ron Rivera's field goal decision, which gets fairly complicated. To close, they run through Game Balls and Goats, go through over/unders and recap how their 100 chips were spent before closing out with a lighter segment. If you like podcasts where Mitch makes up a word then gets slammed for it and a not so tasty blame pie gets made, then this is the episode for you.

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