84. How to Leverage Venture Philanthropy to Grow Your Impact - Dr. Angela Jackson


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Meet Angela. When you meet someone with a Harvard PhD in Education Leadership, you settle in because you know innovation and genius are going to collide. And yes it did! We're talking to Dr. Jackson about venture philanthropy (what is it?) and exploring how we can leverage our missions to breakthrough to social entrepreneurs. It's a fascinating discussion about developing innovative technical solutions to help missions partner with big dreamers.
Episode Highlights

  • Dr. Jackson’s story and journey to where she is today at New Profit (3:30)
  • The mission of Global Language Project: An organization founded by Dr. Jackson that supports the expansion of K-12 world language programs in public schools
  • An overview of venture philanthropy and the mission of New Profit (7:50)
  • New Profit’s the Future of Work Grand Challenge, powered by New Profit, JFF, XPRIZE, and MIT Solve (10:20)
  • It is all about the power of big thinking, connectivity, and pulling sectors together (18:15)
  • Leveraging storytelling to take this to a global scale (19:30)
  • Dr. Jackson’s Medium blog, and the power of storytelling (22:00)
  • You have to be in the mindset to up-skill. There are many contributing factors to the larger systemic issue (24:00)
  • 140,000 women, majority of which were women of color, left the work force last month (24:00)
  • A powerful moment of philanthropy for Dr. Jackson (25:00)
  • Unrestricted funding and the power of the greater good (28:00)
  • Dr. Jackson’s One Good Thing: Utilize Systems Thinking. What players need to be at the table? Don’t try to do it all.

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