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I am now hosting a local radio show on Indianapolis radio. It is called Now Hear This and it airs weekend mornings on Q95 and WNDE. Subscribe now! This is the first episode and features libertarian Rupert Boneham who runs Rupert's Kids. He was also the 2012 Gubernatorial candidate for the Libertarian Party of Indiana and a contestant on Survivor.

Rupert Boneham of Rupert's Kids (and Survivor) discusses his program's efforts to help empower young men and women that are exiting the criminal justice system and his new facility called the Where House. Learn more at

Now Hear This is a conversation with leaders in Indianapolis that are working to improve the lives of Hoosiers. Our goal is to empower you to join in their work and make a difference while informing you about the unseen aspects of life in Indiana. Now Hear This airs weekends on Q95, WNDE, ALT 103, and iHeart Radio stations in Indianapolis as an effort to share the work of local nonprofits with listeners.

Special Guest: Rupert Boneham.

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