Will We Ever Know?


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This year we've decided to make our spring Special free! All our special episodes take place outside of the main timeline. This episode takes place during the events of Season 2.

In this special We Fix Space Junk episode, intrepid truth-seeker Lisa Coney-Smith tries to track down the truth behind that legendary figure, the Rygu Ranger. But she may have uncovered more than she's bargained for...

We do special episodes every Autumn, Winter and Spring. They're free to our patrons or available to buy at: https://gumroad.com/wefixspacejunk

Written by Hedley Knights and Beth Crane and produced by Hedley Knights for Battle Bird Productions.

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Nazli Sarpkaya

Niko Gerentes

Evan Gulock

Rebecca Evans

Hedley Knights

Beth Crane

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